Transform your Motorhome using the power of solar

Does Your Motorhome Have Enough Power to Live Off-Grid?

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We provide advice on all things solar, including personalised energy audits so that you can make informed choices about your motorhome. We offer a full range of supply and install options as well as DIY supply.

Our assessment provides you advice on:

  • Solar system upgrades
  • System design
  • Energy audits
  • Solar requirements
  • System sizing
  • Electrical / Solar Pre-purchase checks
  • Heating solutions and advice

"Wayne's an awesome honest straight up character who sorted us out with a new Victron Solar Controller with Bluetooth Connectivity after our old one gave up the ghost.. really impressed with his helpfulness... looking forward to discussing our needs for our Box Truck Camper build in the future.... Thanks"

- Michael Connell

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Why Choose Motorhome Solar

We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive specialist advice that is 100% tailored to meet YOUR needs.


Our personalised energy audit helps you understand your requirements and the best solution for your motorhome.


Our qualified electrician has over 20 years experience in harnessing solar power for motorhome owners.

Cost Effective

Our assessment provides you the most cost effective options available in the market and installation advice.

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